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march highlights

by Heather

Ya know when you’re living life, and it just goes on by in a blink?  That’s what we’ve been doing here.  Now let’s take a look at the highlights from March!


That first week (or three) with a new baby around meant a whole lot of TV for Hunter and Zoe.  Their snuggling together on the couch was the best.

IMG_2618 IMG_2620 IMG_2625We had our first outing as a family of five when Nova was around 5-6 days old – hospital visit follow up + a trip to the grocery store.  It was a miracle we all looked presentable (and on time) leaving the house!

IMG_3130Rock sorting!  Hunter is obsessed with collecting rocks on walks and always adds them to his rock collection – such a fun way to learn and use them.

IMG_3132When your daughter brings out all the hair ties and clips and has you add more and more into her hair.

IMG_2649Zoe shows so much love and sweetness for her little sister.  And that pile of laundry in the back ground – MY LIFE.

IMG_3160This is my go to omgimsotiredandneedcomfort lunch – tuna sushi bowls.  I shared the recipe over two years ago and we still love it!  Find it here.

IMG_2650Jacob took the kids on an outdoor adventure around a park in town.  I was still in recovery mode and likely snuggled in bed with Nova.

IMG_3174One of the hardest parts emotionally of having a newborn baby was not getting as much one on one time with the other kids.  I loved this afternoon where Hunter and I whipped up a quick simple batch of mini almond butter fudge cups.  We munched and reconnected just as my mama heart was needing it.  Find the mini almond butter fudge recipe here.

IMG_3220I added the sakura bloom ring sling to my collection of baby carriers.  After figuring it out with the help of a few videos, I loved how quick it was to get baby into it!  Plus it’s comfortable to wear.


8 days old and all dressed up for her first morning at church.  Gosh she’s beautiful.

IMG_3288The kids and Jacob ran, danced, went down slides and had a blast at the kids club while Nova and I watched.  I watched, she nursed and slept the whole time, but we all had a grand time.

IMG_3305This girl.  When she brings out the tutu, she becomes even more cute.  Is that even possible?

IMG_3301Great grandma with her two granddaughters.

IMG_3339Dr. Hunter helping at Nova’s 2 week check up.  Healthy and happy baby girl.

IMG_2801Practicing his back float and making strides every week at swim lessons.

IMG_2846When you hike, you’ve gotta bring your monster truck, and a purse.  Daddy hikes are the best.

IMG_3371Sweet 2 week old Nova.  Her and I had a weekend long stuck in bed together – I got mastitis for the first time and felt like I was hit with the flu but worse.  No fun.  So thankful for a husband who feeds us, takes care of the other kids and a baby to nurse away my boob pain.

IMG_3389Such a treat for my rock loving boy – daddy showing HIS rock collection he had as a kid.

IMG_3397Cheddar broccoli soup, the best homemade dutch oven bread and salad.  It’s all way more simple than it looked, and even more delicious.


Cheers (or tears) for being almost 3 weeks old!



Before Jacob went back to work a sweet friend of mine took family photos for us – these are just three of the many amazing photos we got.  SO happy we did this.

IMG_3457Hunter is the best baby holder.  He tells me Nova is his best friend, gives her kisses and rubs her back to comfort her when she’s sad.  I know she is the luckiest to have him as a brother, but I feel the luckiest that I get to witness all of this sweetness.

IMG_3479She entertains them, and they entertain her.  Win, win.

IMG_3485Jacob was back to work, so I took them on an outdoor adventure.  Which meant a slooooooow walk around the neighborhood.

IMG_3541I’m working on just letting them be messy and splash in all the puddles.  I think we all love my letting go.

IMG_3015The face of a mama out on a date with her man, plus baby in tow.  Baby at a bar!  Two thumbs up for 3peaks public house and taproom – the beer and salmon fish tacos were mmmmm.

IMG_3596Spring soccer started up!  The first game was a whirlwind of emotions for Hunter, but after I ran around on the field with him after lots of tears, he took off and scored many goals and had a blast.

IMG_3621I’ve fully embraced my new love for braids of all kinds.  And not washing my hair as much.

IMG_3636When I brought Hunter’s flip flops out from hiding on a sunny day, it pretty much made it the best day ever.  That boy is flip flop obsessed and would wear them rain or shine.  Also, how are these kids so cool?

March seems like so long ago looking back at these pictures.  While it was a tiring month with a newborn, we still managed to keep life going, had lots of fun and soaked up so much great time together while Jacob was on his paternity leave.  I just love these people of mine so much.


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