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Simple Strategy To Get Ahead In The Kitchen

by Heather

This message goes out to YOU! This simple strategy to get ahead in the kitchen will change how you think about food prep. It’s the sigh of relief you need when overwhelm is creeping in, and cooking feels like too much.

Simple Strategy To Get Ahead In The Kitchen

Simple strategy to get ahead in the kitchen

We are talking all about the strategy of doing one more thing. Cooking at home, cooking for your family, planning meals and all that goes into feeding our families can sometimes feel overwhelming.

This is especially true when we have a lot going on. And that we do! Most definitely when kids are involved too.

Today I am sharing one simple strategy to use when you don’t really want to cook. It helps me when I feel overwhelmed with all the things. If food is becoming a source of stress, this little tip is for you.

Do just one more thing

When I begin to feel overwhelmed I bring in the strategy of doing just one more thing. I’m speaking about this in the context of cooking, but it is so relatable in many areas of life!

By doing just one more thing, I don’t have to think about breakfast, lunch, dinner and all the upcoming meals. I only have to think about 1 thing that I can do right now that will make my next meal (and only my next meal) a little easier.

Often I’ll think about this concept at breakfast time. I’ll be making breakfast and I think to myself “Okay, what are we having for lunch today?” I’ll pull out my meal plan and see if there is one thing that I can do right now to make that next meal a little easier. A step to get just a little bit ahead.

do just one more thing

What can I do right now to get ahead in the kitchen?

I’m not taking it to the extreme of thinking about all the things I could prep – but just one. Just doing one thing is all that I need to try and do in that moment. Because I know that it really will make an impact and simplify the next meal.

You might find that when you accomplish one thing, you gain a little more energy around prepping and find you want to do more. And if you feel that, you most definitely can lean into it. But know that it’s not something you have to do.

Consistency is key

Remember – go into it with the intention of doing just 1 more thing. You will find that when you don’t overwhelm yourself with all the to-dos that you could be doing, that it becomes more doable and less stressful.

You can consistently keep coming back to it over and over again because it is doable.

Does this strategy make sense? Does it seem doable? Can you picture adding it into your real life?

Looking to do a little meal prep?

If you’re looking for a little more guidance in how to prep, definitely check out meal prep versus food prep and also 5 meal prep tips and tricks for a healthy, simplified week.



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