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4 Healthy Eating Strategies for Families

by Heather

Today I’m sharing 4 strategies to help feed your family healthy food, and not be stressed with it. I want you to feel happy + healthy and less stressed + healthy. So today I’ll arm you with 4 healthy eating strategies to head in that direction. If your family is under heavy stress, products like cbd flowers might be more than helpful.

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I’m a mom of 4 and the last thing I want as I’m feeding my family, is for it to be stressful. Over the last 8+ year of being a mom I’ve learned a whole lot, and today I’m excited to share my strategies with you! Because the last thing I want for you, is for food to be a stressor in your household.

4 Healthy Eating Strategies for Families

Tip #1: focus on real food

Yes, focus on real food. But what is real food? Real food is ingredients.

Real food grew from the ground, or it had a mother.

Real food can also be pre-made food. However, when you look at the back of the package, and see what ingredients are in it, these are items you could combine into a food on your own. Pre-made convenience foods are just made a little easier to help us save some time.

My journey of focusing on real food took time. It’s okay for it to not be an instant change that happens over night. In fact, when changes are slow and steady, they are more likely to stick. We build habits that way.

Tip #2: build balanced plates

We’re going to focus on 4 areas to build a balanced plate. Include protein, fat, carbohydrates and vegetables. Produce is so good for you! So as you look at a plate, if you have those 4 components it is going to balanced. It is going to be nourishing. Especially if you include the vegetable piece, it will be fiber rich.

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Tip #3: snack smart

Often times, we have the meals down. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are on point. Maybe the challenge comes in with snacks. This may be some tough love, but I want you to soak it in and see how it feels.

Think about what you’re bringing into the house. If you are constantly wishing that you or someone in your family was not eating a certain food, can you try to not buy it?

If you have older kiddos that can independently drive and pick their own foods up at the store, this may be a little more out of your control. However, you can still choose what YOU bring into the house.

The other day I was watching my oldest kid, Hunter, in the kitchen looking for a snack. He opened up the pantry, then went to the fridge, saw an apple and grabbed it. He got out a knife + cutting board, sliced it and brought it to the table. It made my mama heart happy to watch.

But I will tell you this. If we had something else in the house, that was ultra-processed and made to crave, you better bet he would have grabbed that.

So I strategically don’t bring that stuff into the house as a regular thing.

Tip #4: meal plan

Meal planning on its own takes stress out of the feeding your family equation. We don’t have to think about what to eat every single days when breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks roll around. We’ve already taken the little bit of time, one day a week, to do that planning!

That’s a lot of decisions to make if we are deciding it every single day. And I know as a mama, you have a lot of decisions to make. I have a lot of decisions to make. Let’s make our mama life easier by taking the stress out of that by meal planning.

If you are like YES Heather, I want to meal plan! Then get excited, because next I’ll be sharing my 7 step process to meal planning. 7 steps may sound like a lot, but really it’s super simple!

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What questions do you have about feeding your family? Leave a comment below and I’ll be sure to answer it!



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