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5 Healthy Habits I Do Every Single Day

by Heather

Today I am sharing 5 healthy habits that I do every day that are simply part of my routine that set the stage for me to feel great throughout the day.  Maybe one of these items in my good habits list is going to help you.  Maybe there is one that you’re currently working towards and need a little encouragement around.  I hope that I can give you that! Read on for my good habits list, and watch the full video at the bottom as well!

5 healthy habits I do every day

Healthy morning habits

#1 – drink water first thing in the morning

I am 100% a coffee drinker, and I love my fresh coffee in the morning. 

That said, when I wake up first thing, I look to my nightstand and drink whatever water I have leftover from my overnight water glass.  I always keep a glass of water on my nightstand because I always wake up at some point thirsty throughout the night.

So after waking, I drink whatever I have left there.  If it’s a pretty full cup I will call that good on my first cup of water.

However, if it’s just a little left, I go downstairs, refresh my cup and drink that full glass of water. 

Every single time I start my day like this, I feel so hydrated first thing in the morning.  On the mornings that I haven’t started that way, I feel like I have to play catch up by starting off with coffee first thing.  

Water first!

#2 – morning movement

After I’ve had my coffee, and gotten some work done on my computer, I then get into my second habit which is morning movement. 

What that looks like is different each day.  Some days I wake up and want to lift weights, some days I’m feeling yoga, and other days I want to go for a morning walk. I really tune into the movement that I’m craving. 

I always guarantee that time for myself and keep it super low pressure.  A walk always counts! Knowing that morning movement leaves me feeling so good, I always make it a priority.

As a mom of 4, it’s simply much less likely movement will happen once all the kids are awake, but I can pretty much always count on it happening if I plan for it before they wake up. 

It makes me a better mom, a better person, and simply a more balanced person to be around when I’ve moved and given myself that time and space.

Morning movement for the win!

healthy morning habits

#3 – ample protein at breakfast

For my third habit, we’re still in the morning time.  This one happens after I come in after my morning movement/showering – I always ensure I get ample protein at breakfast. 

My most favorite protein is eggs, which also happens to be one of my favorite foods! We’ll have eggs, or a breakfast chicken sausage, or maybe yogurt and granola bowls.

Whatever we decide to have, it will always include protein.  Not only will it help my muscles that just worked hard for me to replenish, but it is also going to help me feel full for longer. 

Ample protein sets me up to maintain better blood sugar balance throughout the day, whereas if I started with a carb-only breakfast, I’d be riding that blood sugar rollercoaster all day long. 

Protein at breakfast is a yes!

Healthy habits to start that I love

#4: drink greens daily

For my fourth habit that I do every day, it’s kind of one of my favoites. It’s to drink greens.

This could be in the form of green juice or a green smoothie.  I also love to eat my greens and eat my veggies, but I am such a fan of green juice and green smoothies too! 

When I am making a green smoothie, it’s not a fruit smoothie disguised as something green. There is typically a component of something sweet in them sure, but it’s not all fruit or sugar that I like to sip on.  They are heavy on vegetables. 

Our smoothies are loaded with protein, fat, fiber and often a carbohydrate in the form of fruit. They are really filling and energize me so much!

In my homemade green juice, I keep more pulp in it so that it’s heavier on the fiber.  They’re hydrating and a habit that I love.  I also love that my kids ask for them too!  Such an easy way to up the greens in your day.

Here are 5 favorite green drinks to try:

5 healthy habits on my good habits list

#5 – sleep for 7-8 hours

The final of the 5 healthy habits that I want to share with you is that I focus on 7-8 hours of sleep at night. 

I am typically up by 5 am, which means I’m asleep by 9-10 pm to get the full amount of sleep that I want and need.  My youngest is now 3 and 98% of the time I am not getting woken up at night by a kid anymore. 

I can vividly remember those nights of being woken up at night and 7-8 hours of sleep just did not cut it.  When sleep is broken, the amount you need can increase. Now that my kids are all sleeping at night, the 7-8 hours of sleep really work well for me.

That means in the 8 o’clock hour, I am started to settle down and wind down for bed.  I might have some magnesium which helps me relax and sleep better. 

When it gets to 9 pm and if I’m not in bed yet, I quickly get myself ready and in bed.  And honestly, by 9 pm I am really tired and likely falling asleep on the couch anyway.

This habit has made such a difference in the energy and patience that I have thought the day.

Hooray for sleep!

Watch my 5 healthy habits video below, or click here!

5 Healthy Habits I Do Every Single Day

Those are my 5 healthy habits I do every single day.  

I love this topic so much because when we create a habit it becomes so much easier to continue with. 

When the habit is set and part of what we do, it’s no longer something we have to decide to do.  It’s just who we are and what we do.

When we’re trying to make changes for our health, the easier we can make it the more likely that healthy choice is going to stick.  And that s a huge win!

5 Healthy Habits I do Every Day

What’s on your good habits list?

Do you have 5 healthy habits built into the day that you love? More? Less? I’d love to hear about some of your healthy morning habits or things that you do throughout the day that leave you feeling your best.

Leave a comment below and share!



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