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8 Minute Get Energized Yoga Workout Video

by Heather

If you’ve ever felt a lack of energy but have a list of to-dos a mile long, then you need this 8 minute get energized yoga workout! It’s quick, but wakes your body up, gets you more energized and helps you to be motivated to tackle your tasks. All in just 8 minutes.

8 minute get energized yoga workout video

Each week I spend a little time in my planner. I write out what we have going on with the kids, the projects I’m working on for the blog/youtube/podcast, and also my home to-dos. Organize the pantry has been on my list for… 3-4 weeks. I kept not doing it and having it carry over to the next week.

I finally told myself, today is the day! But then, I just didn’t want to. I was tired and unmotivated. But I knew my secret weapon that always helps me to get things done – a little movement first. That’s just what today’s quick workout did for me. It gave me energy, then Hunter and I tackled the pantry organization!

Exercise gives you energy

A little movement goes a long way. If you’re feeling too tired to workout, just try a little movement first. Just getting started and going will often give you that boost of energy to then do what you had planned – whether it’s tackling a mess, or doing your planned workout.

Here are 5 more quick movement practices that will boost your energy right away:

8 Minute Get Energized Yoga Workout Video

Need a boost of energy? Try my new 8 minute get energized yoga workout! These full body movements will get the blood flowing, breath going and you’ll feel energized and ready to tackle whatever the day throws at you once you finish!

Follow along below or find the full video HERE

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