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9 Minute Quick Kettlebell Core Workout for Women

by Heather

Ladies, have you been enjoying kettlebell month full of brand new kettlebell workouts? Let’s keep this goodness going with a quick kettlebell core workout! We’re fire up and strengthen the entire core and add resistance using our kettlebell. Don’t have a kettlebell? No worries! Grab a dumbbell or do this workout with just your body weight – you’ll still get an amazing workout in!

9 minute quick kettlebell core workout

What kettlebell weight should I use?

This is very unique to each person. I own an 8 lb kettlebell10 lb kettlebell and 25 lb kettlebell. For today’s kettlebell core workout I used my 8 lb kettlebell. It is challenging for sure! Aim to find a weight that pushes you, but where you can maintain good form. If at all possible, have a variety of weights like a 10 lb, 15 lb, 20 lb and 25 lb ready to switch around to. But also just work with what you have!

Can you use something other than a kettlebell?

Yes, you sure can! Grab a dumbbell if you don’t have a kettlebell to use, or even do this entire workout with your body weight. Your core will still feel it no matter if you add extra resistance or not!

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9 minute quick kettlebell core workout

9 Minute Quick Kettlebell Core Workout for Women

Using the kettlebell in our quick kettlebell core workout for women adds an extra amount of intensity to really fire up the ab muscles and bring that extra challenge in. Don’t have a kettlebell? Use a dumbbell or whatever object you can find around your house! Remember, this entire workout can be done with just your body weight and it will still be an amazing workout for the entire core!

Follow along below or find the video HERE.

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