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10 Minute Slow Hip Opening Yoga

by Heather

I’ve got some feel good yoga at it’s best with this 10 minute slow moving hip opening yoga. This is a great beginner yoga practice, and just 10 minutes so not a huge investment of time. The perfect introduction to yoga!

Even though I’ve been practicing and teaching yoga for many many years, I appreciate the slow moving ones. They’re self care at the core and leave you feeling amazing!

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Grab your mat and join me for this slow hip opening yoga practice, my friend!

10 minute slow hip opening yoga

10 Minute Slow Hip Opening Yoga

In today’s 10 minute slow hip opening yoga we are taking care of the often tight hips! You’ll love how you feel after slowly moving through today’s class.

Follow along in the video below or find the link HERE.

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If you give this workout a try, please let me know!



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