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10 Minute Yoga For Your Period

by Heather

Today I have a special 10 minute yoga class for all the ladies. Join me for a yoga for your period class. This class is here to relieve cramps, PMS and discomfort. This 10 minutes, super relaxing practice is for those times when you know just a tiny bit of movement would help you to feel better. So grab a pillow (or two!), and come join me for a slow, intentional yoga practice.

10 minute yoga for your period

Here’s a silver lining of being home a lot more that I hadn’t expected in regards to my fitness. I’ve had the opportunity to really tune in to what kind of workout my body needs during the month.

I’ve chatted about this before, but it’s definitely worth talking about again. Ladies, our bodies – our hormones are changing all month long. And that impacts how our movement feels!

When gyms were still open, I taught about 5 classes a week, so my workouts were pretty set, pretty scheduled and pretty consistent as far as intensity goes all week long. There wasn’t extra intense weeks, or more calming weeks. They were all a good amount of intensity!

I’ve seen these past 4 months as a HUGE blessing.

I’m allowed to tune in. Feel into the workout I need. Most often it’s something that brings a challenge, because it’s what I love!

But not all the time. And that brings us to today’s new workout video!

Tuning into your body

This 10 minute yoga for your period, PMS, cramps and discomfort is for all the ladies in the room. I know when I’m feeling BLAAHHHHH, a little movement helps.

Maybe you notice that too?

This 10 minute yoga practice is for when you feel that way too. Or, even just use it to relax. Grab a pillow, or two, and come join me for this slow, intentional and relaxing yoga practice. Yoga harem pants are a comfortable, roomier, and more breathable alternative to yoga pants.

Does your movement change throughout the month? Do you notice some weeks you are super energized and ready to push, and other weeks you just want chill a little more?

Yoga for your period, PMS, cramps and discomfort

Follow along below or find the video on YouTube HERE.

Looking for more relaxing movement? Try these:

10 minute yoga for your period

Did you enjoy this relaxing movement? I hope so! Leave me a comment below and let me know what you thought of it.



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