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2019 Reflection & 2020 Intentions – #108 Fit Mama Real Food Radio

by Heather

Welcome to the last podcast of 2019! I can’t believe we’re at the end of a year. Not only the end of the year but the end of a decade! I’m excited for all that’s to come in 2020. Today, in episode #108 of Fit Mama Real Food Radio I’m going deep on 2019 reflections and 2020 intentions.

2019 reflections & 2020 intentions

As we began nearing towards December I started to think more about my focus word for the new year. If you’re new to focus words, here’s the gist.

A focus word is…

A word (or phrase) that you want your year to be about.  When you’re faced with decision throughout the year, your focus word will guide you.  When you look back on your year, the feel of the word/phrase shines through.

I find when choosing a focus word, the word just comes to you. You can’t force a certain word into your life. You are naturally pulled towards it because it’s an area or feeling that needs some attention.

My focus words have varied a lot over the years.

Want to read and listen to some of my previous focus word choices?

And because I want to share this here, my focus word for 2020 is CLARITY.

I’ll use this focus word to ensure that my time is being spent on what really matters, and who really matters. Finding clarity is something I struggle with (and I share that in the podcast episode), so I was instantly drawn to this word as my focus word for 2020.

2019 reflections & 2020 intentions | EPISODE 108 Fit Mama Real Food Radio

2019 Reflection and 2020 Intentions

In episode #108 of Fit Mama Real Food Radio, the final episode for 2019, I am taking a moment to reflect the past year.  I share the 10 favorite episode you enjoyed listening to in 2019.  Looking forward I share some of what’s to come for 2020, along with my focus word for the upcoming new year.

My hope is that you will take some time to remember all you accomplished, grew through and learned from too.  There are always highs and lows each year, and appreciating all the moments has beauty to it. Do you set intentions for the new year? I’d love to hear if you chose a focus word, or have small or big goals you’re reaching for.  Remember, I’m here to cheer you on!

Links from the episode

List of top 10 podcast episodes of 2019

  1. #67 CBD 101 the beginners guide to CBD oils with Dr Jess
  2. #63 Pelvic floor health with Anna Scammell
  3. #71 First foods for baby with Megan Garcia
  4. #79 5 tips for weight loss
  5. #97 How to detox your home with Allison Evans
  6. #64 Understanding female hormones with Dr. Carrie Jones
  7. #81 5 foods to eat every week
  8. #90 Boost immunity naturally and stay healthy with back to school with Dr. Elana Roumell
  9. #78 Balancing blood sugar and hunger signals
  10. #73 Adrenal fatigue with Dr. Patti Haebe

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